Ollie Dog Food Review

In the rapidly growing market of food subscription services, Ollie sets itself apart by catering to a unique niche: customized food recipes for dogs. This pet food brand goes beyond the typical offerings and provides tailored meal plans for your furry companion. Considering important factors such as age, gender, breed, weight, and activity levels, Ollie aims to ensure your four-legged best friend receives the nutrition they need.

The question remains: is Ollie a legitimate and worthwhile option? Let's delve deeper to find out.

To uncover the truth, we enlisted the help of a willing participant: Paulie, our energetic three-year-old Australian Cattle Dog. With his enthusiastic spirit, he was more than eager to try out new food. We promptly ordered a customized meal plan from Ollie and awaited its arrival, ready to delve into our investigation.

What Is Human-Grade Dog food?

Let's dive into the details and explore the world of Ollie's specialized dog food. As pet owners, we're often intrigued by claims like "human-grade," which Ollie proudly associates itself with. However, it's important to note that "human-grade" lacks a legal definition and is more subjective. Ollie's interpretation involves sourcing ingredients from reputable US suppliers, including hormone-free chicken and turkey, as mandated by the USDA. The brand also emphasizes the absence of by-products, fillers, artificial flavoring, and preservatives in its produce, seeds, and oils.

What Certifications Does Ollie Have?

Regarding certifications, Ollie states that its recipes are developed in collaboration with a veterinary nutritionist to meet AAFCO guidelines. AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials, offers guidance on ingredient definitions, label standards, and laboratory standards to promote the well-being of both humans and animals.

However, it's important to clarify that AAFCO doesn't regulate, test, approve, or certify pet food. Instead, it provides model language that states and governing bodies can adopt into law. So, while Ollie's food may not be AAFCO-certified (since such certification doesn't exist), the brand claims to adhere to AAFCO guidelines.

What Do Vets Think of Ollie?

Regarding veterinarians' opinions on Ollie, we consulted with a veterinarian, and her views aligned with the principles Ollie promotes. Ollie factors in various aspects such as age, weight, breed, activity level, and potential allergies to determine feeding guidelines, which mirrors most veterinarians' approach when recommending pet dietary plans.

The veterinarian also emphasized the crucial role that proper nutrition plays in a dog's health, happiness, and longevity, supporting Ollie's commitment to quality ingredients.

However, our veterinarian partner had questions regarding the extent of the veterinary nutritionist's involvement in crafting Ollie's recipes. Ollie mentions collaborating with a veterinary nutritionist but needs to provide detailed information on the nature of their contribution. Additionally, she expressed concerns about quality control with Ollie's small-batch production methods. It's worth noting that Ollie claims to prioritize food quality and safety by testing every batch and utilizing a metal detector to screen for foreign materials.

After reviewing the ingredients we received, our veterinarian concluded that nothing in the provided chow posed potential harm to our dog. She suggested monitoring your dog for any diet-related issues that may arise during the transition to Ollie's food. Still, she didn't discourage continuing the feeding plan if positive results were observed.

What We Like About Ollie

Moving on to what we appreciate about Ollie, the setup and management process couldn't be easier. The subscription process is streamlined on the Ollie website, where you answer various questions about your dog's details, including gender, birthday, breed, weight, spayed/neutered status, activity level, food allergies, and stool situation.

Based on these answers, Ollie curates a specific recipe and plan for your dog. Managing your subscription is just as convenient through the Ollie app, allowing you to adjust delivery dates, frequency, and meal options and even make changes to the curated recipe or add extras to your orders. It's a hassle-free way to handle your dog food subscription.

The meal plans themselves are straightforward, accompanied by clear feeding instructions. Ollie provides a transition guide to introduce the new food, typically over 7 days gradually. Your dog's daily portions are tailored to their needs, combining fresh and baked food. Ollie provides nutritional information for each item in the box, tips for picky eaters, and emphasizes recycling the packaging materials.


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